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Level Up Digital Marketing

Level Up is a leading edge digital marketing agency in Rockwood, Michigan. We deliver revenue-generating results for clients with our customized marketing solutions.

Our team of web designers, SEO specialists, content writers and social media experts want to help you create a winning marketing strategy to help GROW your local business online.

Come experience the Level Up Advantage over your competition!

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What We Do

Improve your Marketing Results

Our expert digital marketing team provides you with a Level Up Advantage over your competition. As industry leaders in Web Design, Lead Generation, SEO, Google My Business and Social Media, we pride ourselves in driving more quality traffic, sales conversions and leading edge technology to measure marketing campaign effectiveness to deliver business results for our clients. Marketable Growth

Choose from one of our Level Up solutions below, and see what sets us apart from other digital marketing services in Michigan.

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Our Solutions

At Level Up Digital Marketing, we know that a strong online presence is essential for attracting and converting customers in virtually every industry.

But we also understand that not every business needs an elaborate website design to reach their goals – which is why we offer simple, results-driven design.

Level Up websites are built to generate leads on autopilot for your business. 

Our design packages include a project manager, so you can define your website architecture, end-user experience, and the necessary conversion-planning goals. Our websites always include 10 pages of content with lead capture forms, so you can convert more visitors into paying customers.

Level Up websites help make it easier for visitors or customers to recognize your business online. 

Our web design packages embed your current branding into one of our many customized themes. To ensure a consistent brand identity, elements such as, logos, fonts and colors are all incorporated into your design.

Level Up websites are designed to engage your visitors by making information easily available to find when they need it. 

Our website design packages are completed within 30 days so you start increasing your traffic, leads and revenue in no time.

Websites Designed For Results

At Level Up, we focus on driving our clients business results, and to also make it incredibly easy for them to generate leads on autopilot.

Our process is simple, we provide clients with an industry specific design theme with the goal of converting traffic into leads. Each of our custom themes are responsive, which means, any visitor can become a customer; regardless of what device they use to access your website.

5-page Brochure Website
What’s included?
  • 5-Page Website Design
  • Responsive on Any Device
  • 1,000 Words of Text Provided
  • 25 High Quality Stock Photos
  • 5+ Premium WordPress Plugins
  • 7-Day Turnaround Time
  • 12-months Support & Maintenance
  • SEO-Ready

If you’re looking to increase your visibility in the search engines, reach far more customers, and increase your revenue, then a customized SEO solution is right for you.

At Level Up Digital Marketing, our hand crafted SEO solutions can help you achieve high rankings for keywords that potential customers use to find and contact your business.

Level Up SEO focuses on the “money keywords” that have a buyer intent for better revenue generating results.

Our SEO packages include on-page optimization which targets your content, meta tags and URLs. We focus on ranking keyword in places where your customers can easily find your business based on their search intent.

Research shows that businesses in the first position on Google search results get nearly 29% of the clicks, and roughly 16% of the clicks are businesses in the second position; numbers continue to decrease down the positions in search. It’s clear that the top position is the BEST location for you in terms of search. Our Level Up SEO aims to get you there, so you can see a dramatic increase in site traffic, and ultimately sales.

With more traffic coming into your website, you have more opportunities to create more visitor conversions. By creating high-quality, relevant content that’s informative to your potential customers, they’re more likely to spend more time on your website, and most likely to purchase your services. Our Level Up SEO includes optimizing your webpage content, so you can maximize more sales conversion opportunities from your increased traffic.

SEO For Generating Traffic + Revenue

If you’re looking for serious business growth, than search engine optimization (SEO) is the perfect strategy for you. Why does it work? It’s simple! SEO targets the users that are most likely to convert on your website, and takes them there.

At Level Up, we understand each business is different, which means we customize every SEO marketing strategy to your goals, target audience, and monthly budget.

A custom SEO campaign with Level Up targets on-page and off-page SEO, which includes things like keyword research and content implementation, to help your most valuable audience find you online.

Not only that, but our expert team of SEO specialists will analyze the results of your business’s SEO strategy to ensure that your campaign is performing at its best.

Fully Managed SEO for 1 location
Now $1249/mo (30-day, risk free)
What’s included?
  • 1 Page Optimized for Ranking
  • 5 Niche-related Blog Posts
  • 20 Influential, Super-Powered Backlinks
  • 50 Influential Directory Listing Submissions
  • Position Tracking for 5 Keywords
  • Access to a 3-Part SEO Video Training Series
  • Monthly Coaching Call with SEO Specialist

Level Up currently offers competitive social media management services. With a custom social media marketing service plan, your business can start building brand awareness, as well as generating revenue from social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and more.

Over 3.6 billion people are using social media each day, with Facebook accounting for nearly 2 billion users daily. These numbers are a great reminder of how important a role social media play’s in peoples daily lives. If your business isn’t on social media, you’re seriously missing out on a lucrative marketing channel to connect with more customers. With Level Up, we position your brand in front of your ideal customers on social media platforms, where they spend most of their time, so you can maximize your marketing results.

Social media is a great marketing channel to increase your brand awareness to prospective customers, especially if they don’t know your business exists. With branded content on social media, you can create new or existing relationships with customers by boosting posts or publishing ads in their feeds; which results in more sales for products or services offered. 

Our Level Up Social Media can create brandable content, such as service or product offers, and casual educational or entertainment value engagement posts into your ideal customer social media feeds, so you can extend your audience reach for better marketing results.

Social media platforms like LinkedIn or Facebook, allow your business to encourage repeat buying behavior with your current customer base. It also helps your business, when loyal customers keep your brand in their online conversations as people are looking for business recommendations. The power of a connection on social media can QUICKLY influence a buyers  decision, from a simple mention of your brand in an online post.

At Level Up, we help motivate your followers to purchase from you again, and again. We’ll create organic & boosted posts to inform your audience of new offers or even educate them about your services to create repeatable business. Also, we can monitor  the preferred social media platforms for customer recommendations or mentions, so you can maximize your customer referral opportunities, and generate more sales.

Stay Connected With Your Customers

At Level Up, our social media team have spent many hours studying popular consumer platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram or Facebook. We tailor your social media marketing toward your industry, ideal audience, and our specialists align that with your business goals to determine the best platforms for your strategy.

Social Media Marketing Boost
Now $699/mo
What’s included?
  • 7 Social Media Posts per Week
  • Content includes: Images, GIFs and Industry News
  • Posting across 5 Social Channels: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest

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How it works

Our Marketing Process



Request your FREE discovery call and one of our marketing strategist setup a consultation, which includes an on-screen audit of your online presence, and a discussion on your  business needs & goals.



Once we’ve understood the current state of your digital presence, you’ll receive a custom proposal that includes a winning marketing strategy to help you crush those business goals you’ve set.



Once the proposal is approved, Level Up will begin executing on the strategy within a set period of time, and we deliver the best ROI from every dollar spent on your digital marketing campaigns.

Client Reviews

Client Reviews

An example of digital marketing process
Why it matters

Digital Marketing is far more effective

Digital marketing is a valuable asset to your business’s growth and helps you establish an authoritative online presence.

Here are 4 reasons WHY it’s time for your business to adopt an online marketing strategy

The rise of the Internet has enabled more people to spend their “free time” online. In fact, over 4.6  billion people use the internet globally. This growing trend has become core to everyday life for consumers to search the web, browse social media, or even make purchases online. Knowing that your ideal customers are online, further stresses the importance of a digital marketing strategy. Consumers are searching online for your services or products, and by not having a solid online presence, you lose your business to your competitors who HAVE a marketing strategy in place.

Simply put, your competitors are already using digital marketing strategies to growing their business. Many of your competitors already have social media profiles, built lead generation websites, optimized their SEO for Google, and running Paid Advertising campaigns to create business growth. 

If you haven’t created an online marketing strategy, your competitors are going to get all the traffic that was meant for you. Your potential customers won’t know you were an option, without a marketing plan in place, they’ll inevitably pick your competition. By investing in an online presence now, you create the unfair advantage over competitors who continue to neglect their online marketing strategy. 

With digital marketing, you can easily track and measure your campaigns effectiveness. This especially matters when spending a nice portion of your marketing budget to yield better results. You want to have the capability to know how many impressions, clicks or conversions your digital marketing campaigns are generating. Which makes it easier for your business to pivot on-the-fly and Level Up your results without draining your marketing budget.

It’s much more cost-effective to use digital marketing methods, versus the traditional. Which leaves more room for greater returns on investment (ROI), simply because, you spend less money to execute a marketing campaign. It doesn’t cost as much to generate quality leads with the proper social media or Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign on Google, when compared to the traditional offline marketing methods. This alone, allows your business to Level Up business growth.
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