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Elegant Website Design Options

You’ll find a sample selection of the 100+ design options that we offer with our Website Design packages. We have many design choices for restaurants, lawyers, agencies, interior designers, pet services, charities, plumber, dental clinics, construction, fitness trainers, landscapers, makeup artist and MORE.

a Fully Optimized Website Design,
with that visual appeal

Highly customized WordPress sites, multiple mockups, and revisions. Includes WooCommerce integration, payment gateway setup, and a collaborative approach to your online success.

Design a Landing PAge

Ideal for running Paid Ad campaigns to a sales page.

We can build you a landing page for your next Paid Advertisement campaign on Google Adwords, Facebook or YouTube. This type of page is the best option if you’re looking to lower the cost of acquiring a lead, and increasing your sales conversion rate. 

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Design a Portfolio Website

Ideal for a business who needs an portfolio online.

We can build your next portfolio website, so you can show off your previous work to prospects. This type of website is easier to build than a traditional business website and focuses more on a particular task: collecting work samples.

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Design a Brochure Website

Ideal for a business that wants their company brochure online.

We can build your next brochure website, so you can have an online presence for customers to find more information about your company. This type of website is a simplified form of a traditional business website. 

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Design a Business Website

Ideal for a business owner that wants to generate sales online.

We’ll build your next business website, so you have the benefits of a portfolio & brochure website, and offer your products/services to generate sales online.

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